The mission of the Collegiate Athlete Educational Program (CAEP) is to provide education, information, and the tools enabling parent(s) or legal guardian(s) and student-athletes (sons or daughters) the opportunity to make the best decision in the selection of a college.


Over a four to five year period, parents could potentially save up to $200,000 with their son/daughter receiving an athletic and/or academic scholarship. The investment in completing the entire CAEP will be well worth its cost.


The Collegiate Athlete Educational Program (CAEP) includes a series of three sessions:


"I enjoyed attending both the Introductory Seminar and Workshop I. I learned a lot of information that I didn't know. Even though I have a son who will be in his senior year at college, I learned that there's a whole different set of rules and guidelines regarding student-athletes who want to go to college. I really liked the fact that I attended with my daughter, and we were able to start an action plan to make sure we do not miss any important details."
Parent of junior volleyball player - Frisco, Texas

"The Seminar was very informative, and now I have much more knowledge about different schools and what they look for than I ever thought possible. I feel more at ease now that I have a plan for college because now I know what to do to get the attention of college recruiters."
Junior volleyball player - Frisco, Texas

"Workshop I of the Collegiate Athlete Educational Program (CAEP) was not only informative, but also enjoyable. Our family was introduced to the college recruiting process as well as educational standards and requirements. The workshop went beyond the financial aspects and discussed the consideration of the student's health and well being in the college selection process. The workbook, timelines and resources provided are excellent tools for developing our action plan."
Parents of junior football player - Easton, Pennsylvania

"The CAEP Workshop I was very informative on how to market yourself and improve your chances for college recruitment. The workbook and websites provided are extremely useful and easy to follow."
Junior football player - Easton, Pennsylvania

"My dad and I attended the Introductory Seminar for Collegiate Athlete. It was extremely helpful to me, and I now know how much work is involved in getting a scholarship. We plan to attend Workshop I and II as soon as they are available again. I'm so glad that we attended together so we can work on this as a team to get the opportunities that make the most sense for me and my family. I would recommend this program to everyone interested in getting a college scholarship."
Sophomore boys' basketball player - Frisco, Texas

There was so much information in the Introductory Seminar that I couldn't believe it was free. It certainly opened our eyes to the intricacies of the scholarship process. We are definitely signing up for Workshop I and II. Also, the presenters are extremely knowledgeable having recruited and coached in college. They certainly offer a perspective that most parents and athletes don't always get from other sources. We've already told most of our friends about this program, as well as our son's teammates, and plan to bring them with us to the next session."
Parent of sophomore boys' basketball player - Frisco, Texas

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